Friday, June 6, 2008

Busy Summer

Here is a quick update on what we will be doing over the summer.
Ashley will be woking at the Community Center as a Day Camp Counselor. My days will be filled with chasing kids around, swimming, games, movies, activities, more games, and more running around. It sounds really exhausting but I love it because I'm a kid at heart and what more could I ask for than to play with kids and get paid doing it?! In August Jasmin and I will take our regular two week vacation to Philidelphia to visit my parents. It's always a blast because there is so much to do there. We go to New York, DC, the beach, etc. This year will be even better because my Grandparents will be up there the same time Jas and I are!
Jeremy will continue to work at Best Buy (hopefully continue to bring home a paycheck and not another electronic) while going to school for criminal justice. He is doing great in shcool and loves to tell me all about crimes he is working on.


Melissa said...

Ashley! I was excited to see you made a post!!! We had so much fun tonight. I am glad I can see more of you and your family online :)

The Jones Family said...

Yay! I'm so glad you've entered the world of blogging! Hopefully we'll see each other lots this summer :)

iluvob31 said...

You big fat LOSER!!!! Thank you for not mentioning me a SINGLE TIME in that ENTIRE post. So you're just coming to visit mom and dad? Gee thanks, maybe I will LEAVE for the two weeks and you can just spend time with the parentals! And thank you for also not mentioning the fact that I am coming back with you to spend the last two weeks of August there. GEE... THANKS!!!