Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Potty Training

A few months after Jasmin turned two I decided to try the potty. It was a little hard at first (but then again what child goes from diaper to potty in a day?). These are the very first pics just because every parent should have a picture of their child on the potty (it's just too cute). The first one I tried to get her to pose and the second I made it look like she made something "stinky." Since then she has gone several times. Everytime she goes she knows she gets a treat. She will sit on the potty, hold her hand out and say, "Treat, pease!" I try to sit her down in the morning while she eats breakfast and watches her favorite show (Dora the explorer). Now I am trying to get her to tell me that she needs to go potty before she goes in her diaper - so far no luck. She does tell me AFTER she goes in her diaper though. If anyone has any advice I'm all ears.


Jewels of a Child said...

I heard of having a potty party.
What you need: potty, salty food, lots of drinks, a doll that goes potty, videos, and someone they can call everytime they go that will congratulate them(even a grandparent that will pretend they are Dora or whoever she loves) It is an all day afffair so you need to give a day to it at home. You decorate the house with balloons and streamers. Diet goes out the window this day it is salty food day and drinks lots of them(koolaid, juice boxes, or even a special potty day cup.) First you show her how the doll goes potty after she drinks and let her show you how the doll works too. Now it is movie day with lots of junk but that salty stuff is going to get her to want to drink a lot and when you drink a lot guess what else happens a lot. By the end of the day she should have the potty down. Also after everytime she goes in the potty she needs to call her special friend that is going to tell her how happy they are for her. At least this is what worked for one of my kids! It is also important to take into consideration is she ready(staying dry all night, wanting to be changed, and a general interest in the issue) also from experience there are 2 things kids can control what goes into the body and out and when so be careful not to try to early or you could have a year and half or more issue on your hands. Like I said from experience.

Our Family Adventures said...

Those pics are too cute!!!! I hope it all goes well. All I can say is EVERY child is different! Good Luck :)

sweetpea said...

She is adorable!! Good luck--hopefully we won't be too far behind! :)